Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Styles for Expats, and before I was Muslim... my closet

Before I became a Muslim, I held two women as style rolemodels, one I imitated in my daily life, and the other, I fantasized about dressing like. I knew one woman was a Queen, but the other, I didn't know she was a real-life Princess, I just saw her in a magazine when I was seven years old, and thought, she looks like something out of a fairy-tale. These two women are Queen Rania of Jordan, and Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco.Queen Rania's style is pretty close to my before Islam look. Lots of knee length skirts and blouses with lady-like purses and suits for day, and long simple sleeveless dresses for evenings. Her lilac and lace Givenchy skirt with white blouse is always my favourite look for Queen Rania, and that is how I like to dress in my house, if not imitating Lalla or going Omani;pPrincess Lalla Salma of Morocco looks like a princess straight from a fairytale in her traditional takchita gowns, long wavy red hair, and jewels. Now that I wear an abaya or other modest clothing when I am out, I can pretty much go zany with wacky designer gear or glam caftans when I am in my home. Abaya gives me more fashion freedom believe it or not. I can dress like Rania or Salma and not be over or under dressed thanks to abaya. Now I tend to buy only clothes that I like, rather than clothes that I need, every woman's secret fantasy you would think????
And of course! LOL, these two ladies whose closets I admire just have to hang out LOL.Please, to all non-Muslim expat women in Oman, take a note from Queen Rania in respect to Oman and our beautiful culture of modesty here. In the very least wear skirts no shorter than below the knee, no cleavage, and having a sleeve, be it only cap-sleeve, is best for day. Avoid ultra-tight stretchy fabrics that cling to all your curves. Out of respect for the women as well as the men. I honestly don't want to see your breasts or your thong. At night, it is okay to go sleeveless if you avoid huge cleavage and go for long lengths. Save bikinis for expat dominated places (pools with lotsa alcohol ect). Thank you ever so much, and I will respect your country the same by trying my best to wear Islamic clothing that meets the requirements of my religion but doesn't scare your local populace. Shukran jazilan!!!!

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