Saturday, 12 June 2010

Diary Entry: i am almost late for work but....

I resisted eating cake today.

Last night friends and OPNO went to Kargeen's in Al Kuwair/MQ for Morrocan tea and snacks to discuss social events, yada, yada. I am happy to have been invited and saw Madame, Madamoiselle Kargeen themselves (the owner and her precocious daughter) there. I haven't seen them in a while and we hugged for the few minutes that were available, Mademoiselle done up in her cute mint-green hijab and sporting a Brazil shirt.

The group discussed who does what and where, and made plans to MAYBE go camping in Hamra a lil ways away from Nizwa in a few weeks time.

Tonight I gotta go meet my landlord who new my family back in their PDO days sooooooooo I am sorry for all the Marthe Stewart stuff I have been posting but OPNO is excited for her new place. At work we shall be discussing snacks and beverages and writing emails. Ahhhhhhhh woe is me, lol.

If anyone knows some decently reliable Omani ladies who want a job in the cosmetic industry with fair pay leave a comment her with contact details (I won't post it) or if you are looking to buy a villa and want to see the best properties (I know a good agent) without a charge (for the veiwing service and intel---not the properties, sorry mates). Anyways, gotta run, I am gonna be late. Or if you want an exectuive membership to the hotels here (I promised a good friend a favor). Leave your contact details ect and I'll forward them to the appropriate people.

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