Thursday, 17 June 2010

Daily Diary: how to find out about events PART 1

Friends from back home ask OPNO, where do you find out about all these events and get yourself invited to races, and fashion shows, ect... Well a. I like to be well-read. Newspapers here and magazines can give you little info about what is going on. And I follow alot of blogs which highlight local events like music and comedy preformances. My faves are listed as sources for this blog. I also have friends who have joined different organizations, clubs, and charities, so call clubs for their event calendars and hotels. But my favourite things to do still, are visit my friends. Love ya'll.

I enjoy this site: which is a women's event management group. Check out their calendar for events and details.
I also like Oman's Automobile Association (OAA)

Address P.O. Box 2874
Postal Code 111, CPO SEEB
Sultantate of Oman

Phone (968) 51 02 39
(968) 51 06 30
Fax (968) 51 02 76


which hosts some great events. Contact them for details. Also, women's clubs like this one are available to be joined all over Oman
UD, which is the one Mrs. Dragon belongs to again? Do you have the details, if so post them here, thank you very much:D
LOL, and if you look very very hard, in Y issue no. 120 [Phantom] you'll see a snap of OPNO if you know where to look. As many times as I have accidently wound up on OmanTV this is the first English mag. I have found myself accidently in.

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