Sunday, 27 June 2010

Rant: Omani Perfume

Once I was walking down the beach in Shatti. I could litterally smell one woman from a MILE AWAY down the beach. Abaya (check). Niqab (check). Good hijab/Muslim modesty? Not really. She was like Cleopatra with her scented barges. Every man on that beach would remember what she smelt like as if they had intamitely kissed her neck or smelt her hair. That's kinda a personal thing, and is lovely between a man and wife. Why would you wanna sacrifice those small little beauties I wonder?

Ah, well, guess I am an old fashioned-prude, yes Mama.

But, from an Islamic standpoint:

Muslim women aren't supposed to wear any perfume that a man who is not related to one can smell. Alot of Omani women don't seem to know or care about this. I don't know why it bothers me so much but it kinda does. The Prophet sallalahu alhi wa salaam told us to take care in this, as women. Allahu alim.

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