Saturday, 12 June 2010

HF Label to Watch: Glow Boutique

We all know it's coming around the corner. Although I'm a tad nervous fasting and working the long days of the summer, I can't help but feel excited as the beautiful month of Ramadan quickly approaches. I've spent a few Eids whilst travelling to Muslim countries. I spent one in Libya a while back, and one in Oman more recently. The feeling of community and celebration is so much more present in Muslim countries, especially coming from a smaller city in Canada, the Ramadan vibe is not very prevalent and one will only feel it as much as they induce it.  As many more Ramadan inspired posts will come, I'd like to introduce a label I've recently come across - Glow Boutique. The designs are undoubtedly unique, and their collections, prepared for every Ramadan since 2008, are sure to add some middle eastern vibe to any event or any Ramadan regardless of where you are when you treat yourself to one of these dresses in celebration for the season.

Isn't is just beautiful? As I was scrolling through the photos I couldn't decide which season I liked better, and I don't even want to, I wish I could have it all!
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