Friday, 18 June 2010

Food Review: dining at the Capri Court @ Shangri-la Barr al Jissah

Last night a friend took OPNO to Shangri-la's Capri Court for a bite of Italian to celebrate the fact that I would be moving to my new place.

It was too humid to sit outside so we sat in, the decor being white wine-celler style walls, candelabras, red glasses, and a blown glass chandelier in red. The non-smoking sign detracted slightly from the decor, and the servers were many of differentiating accents. I liked the girl [cute philipino] with the pepper and parmesan. Her way of talking was sweet. The others, and I am being picky, had that formal air I don't like outside of a truly formal dining experience (which requires that staff [in my opinion] to generally all be from the country the food is being served of).

I ordered the one dish with pesto and M the lasagna. Capri Court serves wine and pork for you non-muslims out there, but for us this limited the menu. On top of the OPNO rarely eats seafood. We were given complimentary air-dried beef on a jam-sauce and we ordered a salad with walnuts and pears with soft cheese. The cheese was delicious but it was a rather awkward dish to share.

My dish was terribly green and little dry compared to how I like my pesto Italianno but hey, I ate it, and the parmesan on top was good. Anything cheese I tend to like BTW. I only complain if I can't eat it at all.

My friend didn't their dish at all and left most of it, and were kinda grumpy that their treat for me and big splurge was a limited dining experience. But just think, I had told M, if L were with us? L who complains if they don't bring us the big teapot for Morrocan tea at Kargeen's, LOL!

I cheered them up at least. "At least the bread they gave us was delicious!"

I am always the pessimist until somebody else takes over that role. Then I convert suddenly to the other side of the coin.

All in all, the food wasn't great, but the bread and parmesan were, but maybe if you like wine and pork it is better?

The drive to Shangri-la is always lovely, and afterwards I went home and had a snack and chai:) . Since I didn't pay, I enjoyed myself anyways. It would probably be different, if I had been the one hosting.

Thank you M, and no really, you don't have to take me out again just cuz your first attempt at spoiling me didn't work out. I appreciate every kindness you and your family and our friends have shown me, and will always be grateful, lack of fine dining aside:p

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