Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Holy Designers Continued: Corner of 16th and R

"The scarf can be a tool of empowerment"

Providing the latest is an important part of what HijabiFashionista is about. Providing inspiration, and links for hijabis worldwide - to eliminate that 'what to wear' factor for women in hijab. I've recently been contacted by 16R, and I have a few things to show from my visit to their online home: SixteenR.com

Their philosophy expresses the role of a scarf as an item that inspires transformation that "defin[es] itself as a sign of beauty and strength, not a sign of oppression and dependence" as the 'modern Muslim woman' has the possibility of defining her own style by "incorporating fashion from the west while respecting traditions from generations before". 

I've seen and reviewed many fashion lines related to modesty and/or hijab, and the gallery at 16R is a favorite of mine. The interesting styling and quirky screen prints on their scarves are so creative. Not to mention the models from an array of places like Thailand, Bangledesh, and Peru! A must-see for sure!


PhotoCred: sixteenR.com
Edited by Esma @ HijabiFashionista

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