Monday, 30 August 2010

Jakarta Hijab Fashion

"Hijab is not a Trend, the trend is change - Hijab is still a Hijab" - Dian Pelangi
A great video on Hijab fashion and the market for Hijab Fashion in Malaysia - where, as the designer of the profiled line, Dian Pelangi expresses- hijab is everywhere.

A few of my favorite clips from the video:
The colours, patterns, draping and styling make these looks more and more interesting!
I love the mix of accessories and patterns we see here that are so incorporated into the collection.
Whether you wear it everyday, only for occasions or just with friends, subtle changes in make up like a new lip or neat eyeliner make a huge difference for those of us who don't show much skin besides our faces!
Experiment with different ways to tie your hijab!
Ah! The turban style, my personal fav for an evening out!
These ladies are super gorgeous mashaallah!

"Mixing faith and fashion - you only get that with Islam." - Dian Palengi

Watch the whole video here:

PhotoCred: CNN
Editing by: Esma @ HijabiFashionista

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