Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ramdan to do list: Night Before

OPNO's Ramadan to-do list:
  1. Tonight I am going to clean my home.
  2. And buy groceries.
  3. And stay up and pray for Allah to make this month beneficial and easy for me. Most people forget the point of fasting isn't just to suffer lol and go without things. It is to give you extra time to pray and worship. the time you'd spend eating or socialising on your lunch break? Or your coffee break? or tea? Or lunch? It is time to contemplate the Divine, the miracle of Creation, and be thankful for every blessing before you.
  4. Make cards and presents (maybe, if I have time). Not really a part of Ramadan but the believers are to speak to those who isolate themselves from them, and feed those who do not feed them, and to give gifts to eachother AT ALL TIMES of the year. Funny, I only think of this during Ramadan huh? What a GREAT Muslimah I am.

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