Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Marriage Vote: Do Omanis Support Removing the Ban on Marrying Non-Omanis

The poll is closed and results are in. I asked, "For Omanis Only: Do you support removing the ban on Omanis being able to marry non-Omanis?"

Eighty-five percent [85%] of you (though I have no way of guaranteeing you were all Omanis with valid ID cards, or that you didn't vote more than once from more than one computer---this is a blog poll afterall, NOT a National census) gave a RESOUNDING "YES".

Providing you are all Omanis, this confirms my faith and love and hopes for Oman and the country She has been and will be for the next thousand years or so (God willing, of course).

and here is 1 care of WHY I cared to know what ya'll thought:

Of that 85% eighteen percent [18%] said they would like to see the ban removed but still be conditional, conditions being often, that the marriage be compatible with religious laws, and that age be a consideration for allowances made.
ONLY 10% of you said you didn't want it removed, that is was a way of safe-guarding your culture. I am glad. Please forgive, I am a foriegner despite loving Oman soo so so so MUCH, so I am biased.
Most shocking of all though was that 3 people readily admitted they had no educated opinion (2%). Thank you for you honesty guys! I was going to joke that when I made the poll I knew no one was going to choose that option.
I had a total of 112 votes, and here is the poll before I remove it: "For Omanis Only: Do you support removing the ban on Omanis being able to marry non-Omanis?"
Yes Islam says what country you are form has nothing to do with marriage: 76 (67%)
No it is a way of preserving our culture: 12 (10%)
With some conditions, yes: 21 (18%)
I have no real educated opinion: 3 (2%)
Thank you for participating. If you read my blog your Majesty, please take into consideration the results;). If you have any questions, leave your email address in the comments sections (of course I won't publish) and I'll give you ALL my opinions on the subject. I also welcome any and all invitations to palaces. Just so that you know;).

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