Wednesday, 11 August 2010

WTH do they HAVE UNDER THERE?!!!!!: the lump under the headscarf explained

In answer to the following question:
"What On Earth..
I give you the answer: Gulf girls call it "Qamboo3a" or "Kammasha". It a giant poufy clawed hair clip with a feathered or fabric pouf shaped like a flower glued on either side. It comes in small, medium, large and EXRTA LARGE and every colour and print imaginable. I DO wear one at times, but try to style my hair around it and so it isn't a bump and I do so for the purposes of making an updo not to style my scarf lol (like lower down on my head, not on the crown). Unlike the girls pictured above.
and Nadia from Dhofari Gucci did a post on it called My Second Head . And size demo taken from this post from this blog

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