Friday, 3 September 2010


People who know me know that I, OPNO, loved my job. I loved the people I worked with, that was, until they hired someone new who didn't know what they were doing and put this PERSON over everyone. Then the people I loved started quitting.

NOW, I AGREE with all this person's suggestions. But their way of implementing them, no.

So I am out. I make Omani wages not expat ones. And Omanis have families to back them up in financial squeeze times. I don't. I stayed out of loyalty to the owner, no other reason, and the fact that I am good at my job.

This new manager is making my job description confused, changing my role, and I honestly don't get paid enough to put up with anyone talking down to me about a role that I WAS NEVER HIRED FOR.

So, I found a new job. I get paid ALOT more. I DO alot less. I like it the same. So this post is to say, I found a new job.

Make dua for me all OPNO's friends;) and C am going to send what you deserve your way at long last:)

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