Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Vimto: the official drink of Ramadan

FB convo between A & OPNO, subject: Vimto, the official drink of Ramadan
OPNO: "Am so excited for Ramadan here. For the following reasons: a. because I won't be the only one fasting, and I really need this Ramadan, b. the guy for taraweeah [night prayer] will ACTUALLY be able to read arabic..."

A: "is your first here in the Oman?"

OPNO: "First fasting. ...And C. Vimto is cheaper here. Back home, Vimto costs more than a bottle of wine."

A: "French Canadians, ha!"

OPNO: "Mmmmmmmmhmmmmm. I love Vimto. To me is the official drink of Ramadan."

A: "My mam buys alot of Vimto."
In case you have no idea what Vimto is, which would be totally rare unless you are one of those expats who have never associated with an Omani before [they exist, I grew up in a cove of them], it is a non-alcoholic syrup cordial which is the equivelent of the Muslim's red wine. It tastes nothing like wine, but is made from a sugary syrup-y base by pouring into chilled water, it can be an aquired taste/ once aquired: it is delicious.

Myself, I hate the pre-mixed sugary Vimto in juice boxes. I prefer the glass bottle Vimto syrup that I can mix to taste. Before Islam I came from a family that prided themselves on their hosting skills and their well-stocked bars. :) Yes I know. I should not be talking about Ramadan and bars but besides, I still like to host with the same flair, but I have replaced my red wine with Vimto. I still like to keep pretty wine glasses and cute (halal) cocktail utensils for making halal drinks like non-alcoholic margaritas ect. Which is WHY the stores in Oman stock up on pretty wine glasses and such;).

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