Monday, 16 August 2010

Daily Diary: eid abaya shopping=I bought nothing

Trying to design my Eid abaya, two friends, mashaAllah, both ended up buying me abayas (ones we made at the tailor) one black simple one with baloon sleeves but gold piping trim at the seams (we'll look the same since we ordered the same one), and a blue crystal trimmed one that is very unique as the sister who makes it does all work by hand. I was exhausted though, at her house, while the other girls had fun trying out new patterns with iron on fixtures you won't find at the souqs, and was being attacked by one awful mosquitoe. But MashaAllah, I'll ask if I can post about her business. Also my friend B [an abaya designer] she designs lovely works, for special occasions, think like Effa abayat, but the price tags are 80-170 OMR. Still better than Effa, and all handwork. I want about 7 of her designs.

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