Monday, 30 August 2010

Float Away with Fabrics

Cardigan-Free Tops you'll Love!
Whether it's a casual event or a formal one, pairing EVERY top you own with a cardigan sometimes looks a tad cumbersome. How about trying a few longer in length and longer sleeved tops that you don't have to wear under something. That's it! Easy and chic!

The following are a few of my pics from because they deliver nearly everywhere to suit my diverse readers. These versatile finds can be worn for Eid, and then throughout the year! Plus if you're thinking of ordering from anywhere online, it's time to do that now so you'll have an outfit ready for Eid!

I picked these especially for their non-restrictive material, their gorgeous cuts, chic designs and the fact that they can be worn with jeans or pants without looking like the two aren't meant for each other; you know what I'm talking about!

This linen mini is a great piece for an event surrounding Eid! The gorgeous burnt orange suits all skin tones and the a-line cut makes jeans or pants a perfect match! If you're thinking anything other than straight-leg, go for some heels as well to elongate the leg so the length of the top doesn't cut you too short!
This floral motif on black is a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe! Pair it with a bangle (as styled), a hijab in an olive, beige, or rose tone, some dark denim or your favorite pant and you're ready for an event of any kind!

Don't you just feel so much lighter knowing you don't have to wear a cardigan? Just watch you don't float away... (hehe)

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