Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Leopard, Leather, Boots, and bags!

A few easy ways to transform your wardrobe for the fall!
     Isn't that the rub? Once you have your summer wardrobe in place, and you've finally learned how to tie your scarf back, or you've just found the perfect white trousers you've been searching for, or perhaps you finally decided on a pair of gladiators... And then you hear it. The weatherman announces temperatures are dropping, those around you have started layering, and you look to your wardrobe in dismay and find nothing but a perfect (and perfectly useless) summer wardrobe.

Well ladies, it's time; To be faster than fashion.
Whaaaaaaaaaat? I know! I've gone crazy! But seriously. Let's do this.

A few easy tips:
1. Whether you're a long time fan, or never felt you could rock it - fall 2010 is growling your name! Insert a dash of leopard print in your outfits. That white tunic you purchased this summer? Pair it with dark denim, and cinch it with a thin leopard print belt. Be bold with a leopard printed bag, add just a dash in a ring or bangle, do it in a scarf. There are so many options..Leather gloves with leopard inserts, anyone?

2. Pull out that tan pea coat you bought a seasons back, and rock it. Purchase some tan trousers, belts or boots! Embrace that camel coloured hue this season!

3. The most important fall accessories this season is footwear and bags! If you haven't put thought into it yet, you'd better start! Once Ramadan's over, the hunt will begin...

A few shots by one of my favorite photo-bloggers, Tommy Ton to get you inspired!

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