Monday, 16 August 2010

Sport Abaya

I love the Argentina One (though I am not a fan PERSONALLY-no offense Dad).
I want to get one made for my fave handball team. Yes, yes, I KNOW that is ridiculous M & Kh, but I will get a sheila made with each of your shirt numbers;p, so you can know which of you I am cheering for when you play eachother versus style lol;D. M, no more slapping KH ok? I already have my "Oman" abaya for the Gulf tournament, but I need one for the leagues hehehe. Because I am DEFINATELY NOT brave enough to wear the get-up below:
I stole these pics from Um Ibrahim's [currently in KSA] blog, from this post: World Cup abayaat… . Reminds me of these thobes/khandura hehehehe:

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