Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Setting up my lux camping honeymoon: happy weekend everyone!

1.) Carpet for inside the tent, carpet for under the tent so I don't have that ugly blue tarp look going on.
2.) Set up the tent.
3.) Drag the mattress inside and make the bed and hand mosquitoe netting above.
4.)Laundry hamper storing bride's clothes used as side table, have a bowl of water and some facecloths here, as well as two fresh rolled bath towels.
5.) Lay out the traditional picnic mats outside and make a fire ring, as well as place the grill for cooking and light it up. Cooler stored behin the tent.
6.) Light candles and place them in glass lanterns in a circle around living area outside of the tent and one inside the tent. 7.) Eat very delicious camping food and enjoy the peace of being married while it lasts;)

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