Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Quote of the Day: something religious so skip if you don't like the like thereof

What made me convert to Islam (besides it believing it to be the truth and miraculously understanding some words in Arabic that moved me to have a bit of faith or at least make an allowance for faith) is one humble guy who screws up alot and messed up my life and the life of my friends but saved us all at the same time and kept us all smiling no matter what mess resulted.

He was the first to admit that he was not an example of anything truthful or holy or beyond reproach, like our [now] mutual religion. He was one of the few who repeated to me some of the words of the Prophet Mohammed SAW truly understanding the import, the meaning, behind them.

KH: "I am the last person on the earth with a right to speak on this, but in the Qu'ran, it is repeated over and over that our Prophet is a man. He is a man chosen by God, all the evil taken from him, but he is just a man, nothing to worship or get excited over, other than that Allah loved this man more than any other of His creation. That gives me hope. I am not a great man, or even a good man, not even an honest man, but if a man can do that much and still be just a human being, it is something [to aspire to]."

Thank you KH, and Y (of course, who was positioned the same in the beginning) who taught me about the rights of women in Islam, if only for KH it was to complain about high mahers, ha ha:D. Y had nobler intentions, and Y, I miss your friendship.
Now I leave ya'll with a quote from OPNO herself:

"I know I am a less than perfect human being and a horrible Muslim, but something about knowing that makes one better at both."

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