Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dismal Smiles in Muscat

I know alot of people comment about the lack of customer service friendly smiles from check-out girls in Carefour and other retail joints across the country.

I must say something on that in defense of Omani shop girls on subsistant wages across the country:

Well, let me tell you, having been raised a super-friendly bubbly social creature, trying to unlearn my overtyly friendly demeanor is part of me now going for a pass at being an Omani lady.

And honestly, I never have a problem with lack of smiles from customer service persons. They always seem to smile at me. Because I am not threatening and no one that veiws their smile at me will see it as threatening. But I can tell you why they don't smile.

An Omani girl's smile or overt friendliness can be taken as a sign from Omani men as something other than customer service and enjoying her job. So alot fo Omani girl learn to reign that in.

As I am being taught to. Thankfully people forgive me for my lack of skill at this, because it amuses them.

They, being in public, have to keep that up all day, and with women they usually act super loud and talkative for sure, but in public it is hard to jump between the two roles all day so they stick with one. It isn't meant to be unfriendly to women. Just smile harder at them, and as bored as they in their jobs, as strict as they are in their trying not to recieve any note from the fellas around, they'll smile back.

Just alot of time in and out of this culture between the guys and dolls talking is all.

All the best;)

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