Monday, 4 October 2010

Architecture of Musandam: a little different for Oman

There are only two regions in Oman I have never set foot on, Dhahirah, and Musandam. Only because I haven't had a reason yet, but Musandam is on my list for sure. I have alot of friends that like to fish the fjords, and they love Khasab!
Architecture in Musandam differs from the traditional Sarooj of the interior of Oman, and it reminds me alot of traditional Celtic stoneage buidling techniques in the Shetland Islands, ect.
Also, the traditional ceremonial axes fashioned here, recall similiar ones from a bronze age in the UK and Ireland.
Definately facsinating! As I studied the migrations of different nations, music from different regions in Oman, as well as tribal embroideries and weaving patterns, bear very striking resemblences to certain tribes/aka clans in Scotland and Ireland. Anyways... that probably doesn't interest anyone but me!

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