Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Feeling Homesick

I totally miss my sister and watching Amanada Bynes movies with her while eating gummy candies. Don't ask.
A style that is ACTUALLY style. Not bling or imitation of another's style. People where I am from buy things they love and put them together in a personal way (and it looks good). They don't model their homes on Egyptian/Kuwaiti soap operas that make everything look like a plastic Baroque/Poor Man's Versailles.
I miss REAL french fries aka "chips". And no, I can't have the ones at Crowne Plaza. They are battered in beer. :'(. 'Tis a tragedy. And nobody wraps them in newspaper while you wander around the bobbing docks reading boat's names.
I miss the colour of my favourite Auntie's hair. I miss watching "Gilda" on a rainy day, or reading by the fireplace while D watches the news.
I miss you laughing about the football game. Maybe I miss your voice maybe, or people smiling at us as we walk by the hairdressing salon. I don't know. Forgive me.

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