Saturday, 2 October 2010


Because every fashionista's got a bed to match!
At the end of a day of classes or catching up with friends, returning to your personal space is always a relief. I know how it feels to walk into a room run amok - magazines everywhere, lampshade awry, bed sheets hanging over the frame of my bed, and only half of my wardrobe hung up where it's supposed to be - All evidence of a frazzled me who woke up an hour later than planned the night before.

It takes all the motivation i've ever known to get me to clean up after myself, so i've come up with a trick over the years; re-arranging furniture. I've heard it's a libra thing - not that I believe it- but rearranging your furniture is the equivalent of pressing the refresh button on your computer screen - immediate renewal.

Recently, I've found myself looking at furniture and bed sets, and I've found the perfect site with hundreds of options and a ton of eye candy; (the link above).

A few of my favorites:

<3 HijabiFashionista

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