Sunday, 31 October 2010

OPNO loves to eat at Meknes late at night

My favourite type of food is Morrocan. I LOVE tangines, and Morrocan chicken spiced with cinnamon, garlic and lemon. I also love to eat at Meknes restaurant late at night, when I am near the Al Wizaraat area, Alkuwair near the Zawawi Mosque and skating rink. Less pricey than Shangrila's Sharazade. My favourite thing is to sip their Morrocan (fresh mint) tea and gossip with my nearest and dearest behind curtains late at night, and if we are starving, some warm harira soup.
Hariara soup: so healthy and with a light squeeze of lemon, I die peacefully. Mmmmm. Can you tell it is close to lunch now?
The staff wears traditional Morrocan clothes, and if you pay 20 rial for a private room (at the busiest times, late at night and quieter periods no charges) the atmosphere is heady,
Blu chi of course did a review more detailed than mine as I am not adventurous when it comes to food.

R: The bedu tricked me into that lizard and if you remember correctly, I wouldn't eat the goat's head your Auntie tried to feed me last Eid.

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