Sunday, 7 November 2010

OPNO hates... this style of decorating, ick:p

I really, really hating overly guilded furniture in a faux-french setting, ie the Arab home. It NEVER comes across as classy to me, but reminds me of a badly staged soap opera about catty rich & famous that I'd be ashamed to watch (good thing I don't other than in arabic, which I don't understand, so when i translate, it is more SCRUBS than whatever Kuwaiti drama about a stolen dress it happens to be in actuality).
I must admit, the majority of classical furniture in Oman is of this kind, so it IS part of the culture, but I don't like it, nor do I accept it. I don't know why but OPNO finds it rather preposterous and strange. And usually it is not complete, the gilded furnished room has a fan beating overhead, not a crystal chandelier. Or the gilt furniture has a cheap plastic-y looking brocade on it. Egyptian and Kuwaiti soap operas, here we come, imitating a commercial Arab pop culture.
Some people see all that marble and guilding as lux, but I see the maids and the cheap fabric on the couch pillows, and I don't see it as anything close. Luxury is effortless, and comfortable, in order to be just that. Elegance is refusal, not ostentation. And I am no minimalist.But when your entire house is covered in marble like below, it kind of looks like a bathroom. No offense. Just my ignorant, NOTREALLYOMANI opinion.

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