Saturday, 20 November 2010

From Here to There: personal post about homesicknesses

The top pic, that'd probably be me (though less formally attired, as it IS predicted to SNOW today back home) today, if I were not in Oman, rather, spending the morning as seen directly below it, having pink orange juice on a villa rooftop in the sunshine. I'll admit, the cold back home always nearly killed me.
Today I woke up, and I really, really, REALLY miss my little sis. And my {insert OPNO's national/regional/what have you identity here} girls. I mean, Omani girls, I LOVE you, I truly, truly do, but I get the Shebab of Oman, more than the Banaat of Oman. I just don't really fit, and I'll admit, because of my well-travelled-ness, I rarely fit anywhere {as I CAN fit anywhere}, but my homegirls, B, B, L, C, and Am, you understand my idea of fun, you understand what life IS. And I miss you Ange of V. I was laughing with MOP about funny stories of us two girls and our sweaters and lunches. We really had it all (though Ange was more monster truck rally;) and I was more horseback riding but hey) and we didn't even know it, the best of the city, and a true country life.
Thanks Dad, I never realized********You had to work really hard for that, and I probably was never grateful enough. Actually I was a brat, and rather spoiled, but I am not anymore, I promise. But I haven't changed my pickiness!!!! I still know what I want in life but now I am going out to get it, instead of expecting it to all work out magically, which we know, didn't exactly work out for Cinderella and her pumpkin. If the shoe hadn't really been her's, if it had really been a spoon transformed by a spell or something, well, the Prince would have had nothing to go on, and Cindy would have been screwed. I still conclude, that chick was pretty lazy. And lazy I am not, thanks to you. Love you!!!!
And little sis, I just miss ya. I miss having hot cocoa while you make spiced apple cider. I miss Baba fussing with the house, and getting splinters in my fingers from the firewood. We had a fireplace, didn't we? :). Imagine me calling you tonight and saying that I am visiting (which I am not since my work can't even get me a good honeymoon yet:( ). Just imagine it.
Baba can pick me from the airport. You can pet my Baby because of course I won't fly without her (which some will think ridiculous but this visit is pure fantasy of course). She can lounge by the fireplace while MOP wonders at the sight of trees, and Baba wonders at the sight of MOP (who will always be wearing dishdasha because he's a 'Real Omani' whatever that means).
First we'll take Baba and MOP for long walks by our home in the valley (show MOP, well at least in a way, I am a village girl too, though I know the tack room and chickens, and little about goats) so Baba can get used to MOP. They will bond over nature, because MOP is very likeable, and Baba is... only scary when you tell people he was a great Greco-roman wrestler, and good at boxing. MOP might be slightly taller. That's good... don't you think? And you will ask me, why all the men that fall in love with me seem to professional sports players somehow when I was the one who refused to date the guy with the car and the basketball in highschool, and went for the one with the books and one way ticket out of that town. God/Allah works in mysterious ways, and honestly, I have no clue.
You and I sis, can go to the library, because the librarian is my favourite woman in the whole village besides K. I love reading by the fireplace, which you and I would always fight over. if you want to watch a movie, I'll let you choose it. Harry Potter or Amanda Bynes it is then, and I won't even argue. So long as it is not in Janpanese dubbed to English, in that case I refuse. We'll take MOP to see the river, so he can show you guys the wadi and the falaj when you visit.
We'll show him Auntie G's and and Boxie will be there too.
And I promise to go shopping with you every friday after you come with me to the Mosque and are forced to dress up in onion-smelling hijab hand-me-downs in order to do so, while you misunderstand the khutbah. And I promise I won't even critique your choices in clothes like I used to do because I love you little sis, whoever you are, because you always loved me for who I am, face veil or not. I MISS YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU***************

And place where I grew up, while I'll never move back to you, I do miss you from time to time. You are definately a great vacation for me.

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