Tuesday, 23 November 2010

His Majesty got Buff

Has anyone been to the parking of City Center in Al Muwalla recently? Well the doors just have got this picture of Sultan Qaboos on them.

He's in military parade uniform. Not like the uniform pictured above, but the kind hung all with medals {which I could not find on google image search}.

The giant sliding glass door stickers before the park, some kind of National Day decoration, for sure, because National Day is Omani Christmas, with hanging cardboard Papa Qaboos faces dangling from mall interior ceilings, and blinking lights in green, white and red lining the highway in the Sultanate, is there all braced and proud.

Only... these decorations are OFTEN badly photoshopped with His Majesty staring out over mutrah or floating above some frolicking oryxes but this image took bad photoshopping to a whole other level.

Like when they whitened me to invisable on my resident card.

MOP and I almost fell over laughing when I pointed it out.

OPNO [to MOP]: "Do you see that picture of His Majesty on the doors? Does... he look a little... err, buff to you? Like he's been working out."

MOP [stares at the picture and then blinks].

OPNO: "His Majesty [I've seen him in person before so I know] is fit and all, but I think they photoshopped his chest to make him look bigger. I mean, look at His Majesty, he's got a bigger chest than Arnold!"

OPNO & MOP fall over laughing.

The effect was similiar to this. This is Mark Hamil in real life, who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies:
And THIS is the figurine that made to look like him. Note the chest and arms.

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