Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How does one tell their parents they got married without telling them?...

So I got married! YAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [and a long hard struggle it was, in a manner of speaking. So now what? With "I'll be home for Christmas" rining in my ears with my little sister begging me for a return vacation... I don't know exactly what to do. See, flashback to KH and I just before my big day, via our mobiles.
KH [pre-wedding]: "I am happy for you sis, but did you tell your parents you are getting married?"

OPNO: "." [KH, as an Arab, OBVIOUSLY has more respect for family than I do, one would suppose, silyl Westerner me].
Yeah, no, I didn't. To which, knowing KH, his advice would have been, "You have to. They are your parents. Its about respect."Well, I DID tell them I was engaged, which... probably, makes me LESS of a demon child, right?

[Bites nails].K, so I got married alot sooner than my parents would approve of. To someone they don't know, have never met or even heard of (beyond my recent off-hand engaged comment), after doing a tonne of things I know they DON'T approve of (including moving away)... So.I think just brining MOP to the airport will scare the heck out of them [dishdasha and all-despite them being used to my abayas] sooooo... Can I get away with a quick lie about getting married in our home country during Christmas break????? I mean, as a Muslim, I don't celebrate Christmas, but I've always wanted a Christmas themed wedding (you know to cut out on costs) as food and decorations as well as family getting together is already accounted for anyway? So this coward cop out will likely leave friends to wonder, how many weddings will this OPNO rack under her belt but only be married the THE MAN? I could beat ELizabeth Taylor and keep the same husband, perhaps.
At least I'd have an excuse to buy an AWESOME red ball gown I have been DROOLING over.

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