Saturday, 20 November 2010

"That's called ENABLING Sid!!!!!!!!!" [OPNO rants more about 'REAL' Omanis]

For those who've lived in Oman long enough (or even just Muscat) "Not a real Omani" is a phrase you will hear to describe someone who does or makes detestable actions, and are condemned by authorities (usually other Omanis) by the issuance of their entity being described as the previous. I did a post on it HERE so you can read my mad rantings on the subject of a phrase that makes me righteously angry. If someone robs your house the ROP will say, they were Indians, until it is proven, they were indeed Omanis, and then it is uttered "not real Omanis."

So to further this, my friend from the UK [we'll call her Sid], living with a Zanzibari family (totally Omani by passport and ethnicity) exclaims to my husband who is overtly fond of using the phrase "real Omani" for the actions of his countrymen, upon finding where he is from, she exclaims: "So you are a real Omani!"

I glare back at her. "That is enabling Sid."

MOP beams proudly, and if he could shake his assa and put a hand over his khanjar, he would.

I HATE how Muslims are using the term. Emiratis are "locals". Omanis, some of them are "real Omanis". It disgusts me. Seriously.

MOP, wipe that wrongly placed pride off your face this instant, or, well, I won't make my fabulously famous spicy pasta from almarai sauce (its good, i swear, because well, I like French cooking and I can make al marai good).

In Islam, Muslims are not supposed to identify with nations. Thus, to my husband, despite where he is from being extremely xenophobic, I am considered the same as a woman from his tribe, because I am indeed as Muslim as them. And yet I am hardly a "real Omani" {genetically pure from such and such a place}.

Umar, third caliph (leader of the Muslims after the Prophet Mohamed SAW), told people to know their geneologies but not to ignorantly answer when asked who they are "I am from such and such a place" as if defined by a border or a nation.

For the "real" Muslim, there is no "Zanzibari" "Baluchi" "Pakistani" "Canadian" "British" "African" "Persian" "Arab" "Emirati Local" "Real Omani" BS. No offense, I love National Day and all, cuz it is fun, and I love Oman for all it has accomplished, but I love humanity as a whole more. There are no borders on that. Any Muslim man is my brother, any Muslim woman my sister, done deal. Whether they are the black sheep of the family or not, there are no "purebreds" unless of course, you ascribe to the Shiite concept of the Prophet Mohamed's bloodline being blessed to be better men than others, which really I don't, because of the Prophet Mohamed's own teachings which say that no matter the geneology, man is only better than another man by his faith and good works. I'm on that boat. Anything else eventually steams corrupt and seedy with nepotism, facism, and racism.

So, correction Sid, my husband is NOT a "real" Omani. He is named so-and-so, son of so and so, ibn this ibn that ibn ibn ibn up to when Islam came to Oman, and before that he was likely Jewish. In fact ALOT of so called "real" Omani were of formerally Jewish or Christian tribes, and even kufarr infidel PAGAN tribes before that. So, that REALLY, puts REAL Omani into perspective, NOW doesn't it? Ha.

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