Monday, 8 November 2010

BABY CRAZZZZZZZZZZy in Oman!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!

Why is it, that the first question people ask you when you get married in Oman, is, "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE CHILDREN?" And on top of that "HOW MANY?" [BTW, all above pictured except the onsies is from Zara home, kids].
Serriously guys, chill. Why not ask, um, well, "have you and your husband managed to mesh your different cultures or ideas? How do you both veiw family and children? What are your long term marriage goals?" ect.... Children seem to be veiwed (in err) as relationship cement in Oman, and they are NOT. To use them as such is a MISTAKE. Marriage should be the foundation for family, not children and babies as the foundation for MARRIAGE.

I know soooooooooooooo many newly married Omani couples who have kids within the first 6 months of marriage, and guess what, DIVORCE. Try to be married AT least a year people, until you are sure you LIKE your spouse, before having kids, please.

I want kids. I am ready for them. Financially, best I wait maybe another year, but, well, really, it is not the first thing I am thinking of, yet if you are newly married in Oman (and a woman) there is a HUGE pressure to pop out a baby in the first year.

I think it kinda insane, especially with the majority of Omani fathers not being able to devote alot of time to their kids soooo...

Sorry to rain on your parade any inlaws prospecting the effectiveness of my fertility ratios ect, but I am leaving that a mystery. I fully accept that I may be veiwed as faulty if I don't manage a baby by next September, MOP, lol. I promise I can handle that with sass and a wink;****

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