Saturday, 3 July 2010

"Gulf-Girl" Savy for Dealing with "Gulf-Guy Going-Places Rules"

I send Khalil the following text message:

Audrey and I are going to homecentre, and to exchange more of our money, and then to an abaya store down the street. I am KINDA asking you for the permission to ask you for permission [make the man feel good about his manliness] for these kind of things. So if you'd rather I not bother you with my comings and goings, ya, let me know.

I recieved the following text message, typically cryptic 'modern' male Omani:

Have fun sweetie.

It meant he was pleased. And I had gained his trust without having truly been deserving of it, or ever intending to be deserving of it. I found Audrey basically texting Masoud the same thing, only she left out the asking for permission and just told him where we were going. Same same, I knew from experience. She insisted it were different [newbie that was to this whole Khaleeji-woman cultural thing] but deep down she knew that is either of the boys disagreed with us going somewhere [as they had the night we trecked out to Mutrah] they'd just end up driving us, or picking us up preemptively.

We'd both of us has the 'Gulf-guy' savy to say in our text messages that we were going to exchange our money, but had left out that we were going to do that in Mutrah.

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