Friday, 30 July 2010

Quote of the Day: "You have to spend your husband's money so he can't afford a second wife!"

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Spend ALL your husband's MONEY so he can't AFFORD A SECOND WIFE!!!"
On a shopping trip in Dubai. OPNO's friend (we'll call her J) who is married to local man is shopping with her local sister-in-laws. Women are spending money like mad. J though, is walking away from the mall empty-handed. The women interrogate her.

SILs (sister in laws): "Why are you not buying anything?"

J: "I don't need anything."

SILs [look at eachother and laugh. They aren't the kind of women that 'need anything' either. That isn't exactly the point.].

J [helplessly]: "I didn't see anything that I liked."

SIL #1 [shakes her head, as if to say, that is not the point]: "You have to spend all your husband's money..."

J [looks confused]: "."

SIL #2: " he can't afford to take another wife!" [The SILs grin together in an assured manner].

J [raises her eyebrows, knowing her BILs lifestyles maybe better than her SILs]: "I just try to be a good and loving wife. Seems to have worked for me."

[The SILs gather together like a flock of graceful black swans and plump partridges with a peacock's fan of shopping bags fanned out around them and just smile together over the shoulders at J knowingly, shaking their heads in patronizing manner at this sweet (but what they percieve as stupid) child.]

****When I related this narative to M he laughed so hard***

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