Wednesday, 21 July 2010

An Example of Why A Little Is Alot: an the rest random pink rooms for a friend who likes pink while I don't

Okay, I don't like the table, the chairs, the candles on the walls, ect... But I love this room anyways. Why? The accessorizing.

Two matching lamps in the same shade as the printed curtain with a flower arrangement in the same shade, and the rest white accessories through out. I find it charming, and a good example on how a little well thought out can do so much in design. If only I had this kind of patience and restraint. The rest is room inspiration for a friend A cuz she likes Marie Antionette and the colour pink.This above living room reminds me of a "mod" interpretation of Marie Antionette style at least from the movies (not Versailles).
A fun party table setting for her awesome iftars and ladies get-to-gethers.
I like this room. A you should do it because I would like to visit and have tea here (and would never decorate my own home this way because I am a tad more masculine lol).
Sooooooooooooooooooo easy to do in your apartment kitchen back in the Uk isn't it?
I know you'd like the mirror and the poufs...
A bed that would suit you A.
I like the dresser and the mirror with that wallpaper. Not much else but..... Random pic I like.
I like the colours though there is no pagan Christmas for us LOL.
I like this dining room with touches of pink. So pretty. I think I like pink with a bit of country and stripes thrown in. Or floral chintz and modern lines as below.
Ohhhhhh, I just noticed myself noticing that I have a thing for floral chintzes and trellis prints. Um, I am waaaaaaaaaaaay darker than this girly style sooooooo, but I love it anyways LOL, ok, sorry these have turned into another member of OPNO's style lol. Will add more for you A when I find more:D

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