Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Daily Diary: Lifestyle

How to be an Omani Princess: Mornings
Learning how to enjoy a morning in the Gulf (even during a work week---or crammed into a busy schedule) is one of my most sincere, and artified pleasures. Honestly, it takes my dedication, and hard work to climb out of bed every morning in time to enjoy this rare relaxation period. But it is worth it. Always.
Step 1. Get up and hour or two before you must be up for work. Shower. Dress simply. In loose nightgown, and robe. I love big floppy hats, I put one on. My rooftop is rather secluded. Sometimes I rotate this with going for a run before the run comes up at the beach @ Shatti. In this case I dress, then come home and shower, then breakfast.
Step 2. Make a lovely breakfast for yourself, fresh fruit salads with lovely exotic fruits, sparkling juices poured into blue or red glasses. Dips and breads, both flat and other. If you drink coffee, brew and serve as if you had guests. I make Omani coffee in the morning spiced with cardamon and cloves or squeeze fresh orange juice.
Step 3. : Go outside. Most homes have a patio or balcony or rooftop space. I carry my meal out on a tray, set the table with a colourful napkin, eat, and enjoy soaking up the not too hot yet sunshine of an early morning in Oman. I know, when it gets a little too warm, it is time for reality to come back and take me. The joy of setting aside time for this is it makes you really relaxed and awake for the day, energized because you feel like you have done something for yourself, the fantasy of being on vacation and what not.
I do this every other day. I like to pretend I don't have to work, lol, reminds me of a lifetime long long ago. But you don't have to be super successful to make time for yourself. Just use your morning wisely. Pretend you are at a spa or away in a lovely tropical exotic place. I love waking up in Muscat everyday.

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