Sunday, 18 July 2010

I Need some New Abayas

I need some new abayas but as usual, I think I may go to a tailor. I want to be more creative than just some sewn on lace and crystals. The cut of the abaya really is what makes it different to me. So I like that new designs are coming out with draping and assymetrical inserts. The champagne silk and black one on top? Reminds me of a modest Muslim woman's version of Narcisco Rodriguiez (I always spell his name wrong, forgive). And the draping on the simple black one pictured below by abayaat designer Amal Murad? Love it, way more than the lacy one.
Though those who know me, know I was always the crazy one, I mixed bright colours and tribal prints into my North American wardrobe back home, Omani sirwaal with Marc Jacobs baggy tees, Salalah father-of-the-tail with jeans and boots in high school (wasn't Muslim then:D) and denim vest (it looked aweseom btw as horrible as it sounds it worked). So I love the design below.Of course, should I be lazy, the Souq does have some pretty ripped-off-from-the-runways lace stuck on abayas with moderately okay cut sleeves. So I am excited. I can't wait for my girl OPNO2 to be back to help me out, you know, basic laces, embroideries, crystals and things?

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