Monday, 19 July 2010

Designer Socks & Fish Hooks

Once upon a time OPNO was fishing with her first real Omani friend and his cousin. We'll call Omani friend K. Cousin A.

The following is a real life conversation narrated from a willayat far far away (nigh Qurayat, so not far then, really). It illustrates the shopping habitats of two sub species of Omanis in their different habitats:D

A is fishing and hands K the fish they've hooked. Hook is jammed in poor fishie's mouth. OPNO wants to save fishy, but then, A & K will abandon OPNO in the middle of nowhere so she watches the arabic argument that pursues.

A works for a company. He wears nice dress socks, often designer. K usually wears 50 baiza plastic flip-flops and owns no socks that didn't come with his ROP uniform. Usually we use a piece of carboard to hold the (usually bloody) fish to get the hook out of its mouth. K decides to use A's designer socks instead.


K: [completely unfazed answers while blood and fish stench soak into the lovely sock] I can get you EIGHT PAIRS for THREE rial in Seeb.

[He means the Seeb Souq. Not exactly dealing in Gucci you know? But Chinese knock-offs]

A: [something rather rude in Arabic].

OPNO [to herself, cuz she is weird and talks to herself--not really, no one was listening because she didn't speak arabic then but that is for a different post--- and BTW, she isn't a name-brand snob, Prada was from a life far different than the one she preoccupies now]: Good thing we have a cooler. Hehehe. K might have stuffed my Prada handbag with ice. But then, LOL, he could have always GOT ME A NEW ONE FROM SEEB. LOL :XD

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