Monday, 31 January 2011

To Crush a Rumour: one of UAE's Omani spies WAS NOT the head of internal security

So as Muscat Confidential just blogged the news is out. Oman busted some traitors who turned on Oman for a UAE paycheck, and UAE, of course, denies any involvement whatsoever.

I just want to nay say the rumour going on that one of these fellas so busted WAS NOT the HEAD OF INTERNAL SECURITY, but he did work for them.

Long before this post was out the entire village and all of Omani Internal Security already knew this guy was a spy. And as far as rumours go, a patriotic family member who ALSO works for the gov. turned the guy in, and a co-worker from his office, ***not Iran***.

This guy, whose entire name and geneology I am not going to post, since, well, no one else in his tribe/family is a spy, and no one from his village really ever liked him all that much anyway, and his own mother I'm sure wasn't surprised to hear he turned on his Sultan and country for the bling bling ching ching, worked for Internal Security. You see, I know this, because Oman, and especially where we are all from therein, is a very village-like place. His name is Abdullah.

Your Majesty, if you are reading this, you should give me Abdullah's passport. I would die to protect Oman and I love this place, and especially the village that this man betrayed. And who weren't all that surprised, though I am sure his very sweet family is quite ashamed. I know his tribe is, which is why I won't damage tourism or the jobs these innocent folks of the same geneology in government positions by posting more than his first name.

Dear Friends not in Oman, do not worry. Though I often end up in the midst of every trouble, and if something strange is going to happen to someone, it happens to me, I am not in the middle of some crazy Omani spy ring;) so don't worry. That ring of corrupt UAE airport police running drugs and prostitutes in Abu Dhabi Aalia & I infiltrated quite by accident was SOOOOOOOOO last year. ;). You can believe me when I say, I am fine and 100% back to being normal now, and quite safe, alhamdulilah. Aalia too. In fact, she was offered a job in law enforcement a while ago.

Well, anyways, how DID they know what Abdullah was up to?

Well, he was already known to care alot about money. UAE gave him an offer, and by this time, Internal Security ALREADY knew of the offer from one of Abdullah's tribe and his co-workers, so they fed Abdullah a CD containing fake intell, and when Abdullah went to deposit his pay-off from UAE in Bank Muscat {how stupid can you get?---actually, I don't know for SURE if it was Bank Muscat, but mostly everyone from their tribe uses Bank Muscat, so I am assuming} the 70, 000-77, 000 {I was told the exact number by a very reliable source in the family but forgot the exact ammount already} kind of gave him away.

WHAT information he was trying to get for UAE, and what intell they wanted, would be the more interesting, and more important question, than WHO IS HE, since, well, he's in jail now, and not likely getting out anytime soon. The government knows who he is, and he isn't high enough to be given a consulting job anytime soon now; ; So don't worry about him.

Before the news was ever out, his village knew, but kept hushed, because it is a shame you know? Wouldn't want to be him. But his fam is awfully nice, so don't hate! :D

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