Saturday, 15 January 2011

Tales from the Tarmac: what tribe are you from?

When I was new in Oman I remember being told by other expat women that you can differentiate all Omani's regions and tribes by their dress. Which holds true for traditional regional costumes for women in most cases.

But in the case of men's dishdashas, what colour they are, like the mustard dishdasha men are from this ____ region because it is famous for saffrron dye is how ridiculous this statment is.

Also, the different ways of wrapping musayrs? While some ARE indeed traditional, an Orange musayr worn in Sharqiyah a certain way denoting a warrior tribal ancestry ect, tassels on the musayr cloth most common in Dhofar, and the beduoin disdain for the embroidered hats called kumas, most of the time, different embroideries and colours and ways or wrapping the men's dress, are just an expression of individuality.

Mustard dishdashes do not a tribe make. ;)

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