Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fresh off the Tarmac: My boss and His Camel

My boss had to go the USA for a medical conerference a little while ago and an American person came up to him, amazed that he knew how to use a computer, and that we had the latest in lap tops over here.

My boss, in the Omani humour I have found most typical to the Al Batinah region the covers Muscat, played it off, quite amused:

"Yes, we have all the latest kinds of laptops, and they are the most convenient. Before, it was very, very hard to carry a PC about on your camel, but with the laptop, it fit right into my camel's saddlebag, and she doesn't find it that heavy at all."

The American person, dazed, and amazed, blinked credulously at my boss.

He held the last sentiment expressed for a moment and then laughed. "But you didn't really believe that did you?"

All had a good laugh.

Don't believe everything you hear my dear expats, especially tales involving camels:

My boss has never ridden one. Most Omanis and GCC Arabs I know, neither have they. My boss drives a high-end luxury car. I have ridden a camel, but then, only expats tend to spend 150 rials to drive into the desert and ride a camel around a bit;)

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