Saturday, 15 January 2011

Fabric Source: for Omani Traditional Dress

I have FINALLY FOUND plain cotton and linen fabrics. Yay!

Also, homespun, and rough dupoine silk.

[In Oman they really, really love florals and leopard prints, and colourful splotches].


On the other side from Saabco in Al Qurum, not the Al Araimi mall, but down, past the Omani Craft's house [I want to buy a model Dhow for my father and a rifle belt for my husband], and the bookstore (I WANT the book on traditional Omani folktales and the one on regional silvercrafts] is another mall, whose name eludes me, on the floor up the escalators from the jewelry store [with the giant gold horse and eagle scultures] wherein said fabrics are.

Tailors in Mutrah and Barka, here I come, armed with my latest designs for Omani daywear:)

And wouldn't the dresses look so cute embellished with textiles from the Oman Craft whatever it's real name is store? :)

BTW, the prices in this store ARE actually VERY decent for Oman, because the craftsman are supported by the government, and sometimes the bookstore has a featured book where a portion of the profits go to Dar Al Atta (the charity) soooooo, if supporting local artisans (and getting genuine Omani not foreigner labour) and helping charities a little is for you, this area in Oman is ACTUALLY an OPNO shopping pic. Especially for souvenirs of visitors and friends who CANNOT for the LIFE OF THEM BARTER and reading anything about Oman.

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