Sunday, 26 September 2010

Shopping for face veils in Oman: I need tips

I just bought myself a present, a. because it was such a good price, and b. because there was a reason. A new abaya, like the one above. Very affordable, very chic, and plain black. The drape is amazing.

BL I found a tailor!!!! He is now my tailor. One for abayaat, one for Omani traditional clothes. I still need to find my fabric guy, but one day, one day.So if you want any style, send me your pic and measurements and I'll see the price for you and send to you.... Same to you my FIG&Olive girl.

I also found Salalah style niqabs (stringed [nose string] or stringless) for 700 baiza. The salalah style has wider, stiffer headband and a short face veil, falling just pass the chin like in the pics below, and may be ornamented with a further sheerer or longer veil behind it. I was wondering if you munaqabat girls in Oman knew places to get good quality niqabs and different styles. The ones I own are very basic, like the first pic, and the ones below:
I own this one [but better quality]: Emirati gashwa (UAE) [but is there anywhere IN Oman to purchase the same??? and how much].Yes, I have my birqa. LOL, I get teased by my Muscati girls because I know some Bedu families well enough to know how to sew these. I have never bought one so no, I don't know how much they are worth. Classic elastic half niqab (purchased in UAE and online). Very cheap, and I only like to wear them under gashwa because I don't believe in showing the eyebrows when wearing niqab.
Stringless flip niqab (they sell for 5.8 OMR in Al Motihajiba in City Center Muwalla but the headbands are too stiff for my liking. Does anyone know where they sell softer good quality ones (not too pricey).????
Soft headband longer niqab (with or without string) do you know where to find good quality, soft fabric ones with softer headbands? Oman has a trend for a very stiff band while Saudia and UAE have a trend for softer.
Longer style flip niqab with string (my fave for personal ease and comfort). I bought in UAE but haven't found a good quality soft version yet in Oman. Do any of you ladies who have tailors that make niqabs for you or where do you buy them and get different styles?
I've seen niqabs with the flip edges with coloured piping trim. I loved it. Who does that? My tailor doesn't. Let me know:)
I know this style below (worn VERY wrong) is Saudi and I love it: I am going to start wearing niqab again fulltime. Is a good thing for me, and I do so out of a love an Islamic reason to do so, and is easy to do so in my current situation.
So help me out if you can ladies. My thanks to you.
BTW, I personally find the veil very comfy and actually cooler to wear walking out on a very hot day in Oman. Really. And I have no troubles eating so long as it is a dark colour (black-green-navy-brown-berry ect). Anyways, this is a VERY random and uninformed post.
I would appreciate your feedback.

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