Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Tutorials Jilbab Fiminin

The Tutorials

"Hallo Ich bin Marshelly Unger und das ist der Hijab FiMiNin Stil"

Vibe : Florence and The Machine, The dog days are over 
Model : Marshely Unger

The very FIRST FMN tutorial video, there are three jilbab styling tutorials.
Zachte | Liefde | Felle
sounds better in dutch, nee?
this is what almost everybody's been asking and waiting for.
as seen on this post we had on.

Have fun watching it! hope you girls enjoy it.


Bazaar : Trademark Bandung

As we slowly coming down from the first floor to the ground floor and starts sniffing the good awesome stuff will be at those land of grey carpet with dark navy blue duct tape, and yes, it is true what they said, Trademark event is an emporium of unique and RARE products..

Follow @Trademark_Bdg for more intense relationship

Ifa, Ratu and Yasmin playing with the coolest stuff from Koola Stuffa, and thank you! Dina for giving us free stuff from NYALA, it must be on the inList for the next FMNstyle fashion spreads

meet awesome people, Wira. founder this is hoba hoba | Hail to Seniors | and Manuel. creator Cik Cuk dunia fantasi

Our Last pict from day one of stuff & style hunting

awesome street art wear, daf. 

need this  for the real Ars 07 picnic plan

Anin wearing Tosavica top and Zara wedges

Yasmin with her new pre production \ cantilevv err / wedges by Snec footwear

Ashfi wearing Kelom Geulis Keng originally from Bandung since 1942

bought new stuffs, alhamdulillah, better not forget to give, there is always an outcome after an income, say goodbye after say hello.
Try harder to reach balance in life.
Us human either be too much or too less, it is damn hard to be at between.
shop with dignity and feel wiser

Salam & Respect


Love / The cool stuff from Koola Stuffa

Love / from Malaysia :)

Love / The mickey mouse on the pocket

Love / ing these nice & pretty ladies

Love / ly Hanna from HijabScarf

Love / Dina from NYALA & her animated top

Love / The fact that she had been virtually stalked by us

Love / The purple plaid

Love / The Batik from Kavi Indonesia

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