Tuesday, 1 March 2011

"Let them eat cake": Omani style

Dear friends and family back [insert countries of the OPNO expats], we are all fine.

Oman is not on fire. Some idiot lit a gas tank on fire, and some lunatics that decided to try and break into the ROP station jail to break out some idiots who lit a gas tank on fire and tried to loot their local Lulu (aka the Omani Walmart) were held for the night.

We are not the next Libya, or Egypt. People love Sultan Qaboos. And he decided to give people who don't have jobs (after freely paying for their University I might add) an income while they search for a job.

MOP calls these people spoiled brats. Or lazy.

Yes the income for widows and people with special needs is great.

But I do want to add a stupid comment, translated from its original Arabic , said by some genius at the Ministry of Manpower (to be honest, I forget his name).

When asked how he thinks 140 OMR is enough for an Omani person to make at a job and live on he said (idiotically): "Well, the people that usually make that much have more than one job so it is more than enough for them."


That comparison is soundly like when the starving peasents of France pre-revolution came to the sisters of the former French King (no people, it ACTUALLY WASN'T Marie Antionette who uttered that famous line) saying they couldn't afford to buy bread. So removed as they were from any understanding of finance and struggle one of the former French King's sisters replied: "Well, if they cannot afford bread, let them eat cake."

Yes, if they have more than one job. Because they CANNOT AFFORD to live on 140 rials.

So both sides of lunacy.

No matter what, Oman is home. And honestly, most people are aghast at these protesters wrecking things and then claiming to speak for Omanis.

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