Friday, 4 February 2011

Weekend Review: I went and saw a Bullfight

You totally wouldn't think of it on a day to day basis, but the Portuguese who once captured the Muscat and Al Batinah coastlines left their imprint on Omani culture indellibly. Some architecture, Portuguese rifles and canons, and antique 4 poster beds betray Oman's (partially anyways) period as a Colony (this didn't last, Alhamdulilah) of Portugual.

But, going with MOP for his morning run on Barka beach, OPNO having a picnic of fresh strawberry juice and a thyme [called Zatar in Arabic] and cheese pastry called fateerah [which everyone should try!] to snack on while she watched Omani riders excersing their horses on the beach, OPNO was reminded of Portugual. Two young Omani men were running a rather massive bull down the beach, taking it for a stroll almost as if it were a pet dog. It was certainly a thing to see.

They were, of course, warming it up for its fight in Barka that day [Friday] at 4 pm. A usual event most times in Barka.
This OPNO has lived in Oman a long time, and while I had heard of the Omani style of bullfighting: no betting, no matador, just headbutting angry bulls and live crowd to see which bull is strongest, I had never gone before.It wasn't my cup of tea but it was interesting. When OPNO P's friend Boxie comes to Oman in the summer we intend to make another day out of it, and pretend we're in Spain or something.

I also went to Naseem Gardens to spy which things to take the kids to. Lots of fun things there including these giant plastic balls you can go inside and walk/float around on a pool. That looked fun. Rides.

And of course shopping. Little sis, I am going to grab you a fake Chanel to go with your pseudo LV, and a classy jalabiyia.

I am going to grab myself a beige jalabiyia (Arabic style party dress) and a jersey sleeve abaya (going for 13 rials). Nothing unique there, but decent prices like at the Seeb exhibition center so...

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