Friday, 4 February 2011

Quote of the day: "You are the daughter of a Jinn Chicken!"

"You are the daughter of Jinn Chicken!" was the excited comeback on the boy's front.

Today I drove to work with my Omani boss's children. LOL, do not ask why. We joke it is not part of my job description to pick up dishdashas from the tailor and to iron them either but since my job totally suits me, and my boss is actually a very interesting, totally cool person I respect who overworks himself before overworking any of those in his employ, I just consider it one of the quirks of working in Oman. And I think it cute that his sons are scared to death of grown up women.

Anyways, in the car were a couple of 7-9 year old Omani boys, and one 10 year old American girl.

Apparently, this morning was girls versus boys. I apparently, don't count on the girls' side, because since I am a friend of their father, and thus, am on their side regardless of sex or whether or not I wish to be counted on either side at all.

Well, I got in the car in the middle of an insult throw fest, and I was quite amused to see how different cultures insult eachother. The American girl's culture and way of insulting being similar to what I am familiar with, the Omani insults from children VASTLY amused me.

"You're fat," was the American girl's retort to some quip I didn't hear. [In the USA, calling someone fat or picking on how they look is a way of insulting people].

"You are the daughter of Jinn Chicken!" was the excited comeback on the boy's front. [In Oman, calling someone an animal is bad, as it saying you are less than human, same with acusing them of being possessed by an evil spirit, like a Genie."

The 10 year old girl was complexed. "Like... what is that?"

"Jinn, as in, Genie, stupid."

The girl raised her eyebrow, and turned back to face the front seat and ignore them. "You are too stupid to even insult." [Insulting someone's intelligence is also a very Western characteristic when it comes to the art of insult].

Their father phoned. Put onto speaker he admonished them. "Is this how boys who pray Fajr [morning prayer] in the Masjid [Mosque] behave!"

Yep, lol, that was my morning. How was your drive into work?

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