Tuesday, 21 December 2010

TALES FROM CANADA: The Saudis and the Trees

My little sis is one of those teenagers who'd rather play video games than go dune bashing or see an old fort. And she is one of those people who say the most random of things and doesn't judge a social situation well and leaves everyone in the room to look at her like "WTH????!!!"

But she is honestly one of the funniest people I know... when she isn't trying to make anyone laugh.

You know, when she is bored out of her mind, and just says whatever is there with no point in mind.

Back on a vacation in Canada she once [was forced] by our father to go on a tour of an ancient old growth forest. You know, the kind that has trees so big that cars can drive through them? [If you are Omani, probably not]. Anyways...

Well on this tour, there were alot of Japanese, and Arab exchange students, including a group that my father NOW can identify as Saudis. [Sorry, there are no Omanis in this tale, alas]. Well the tour guide was telling them exactly how old the trees were, that the dated back before Jesus (Isa, alahi salaam) and the tour guide was saying to the Saudis, who were OBVIOUSLY impressed by the sheer size and age of the these trees:

"Imagine what these trees would tell us about the world if they could talk!" [Tour guide operator, in awe]

OPNO's little sis [totally NOT impressed with arms folded over her chest, and bored out of her]: "NOT very MUCH, I'd imagine. Since they've been sitting in one spot for all that time. WHYYYYYYYYYY didn't we go to the movies, Dad, INSTEAD!"

The faces of all the exchange students were struck by her simple, albeit spoiled brat logic.

OPNOLILSIS: "Ooooooooooooh look! I am a tree! I saw a stupid pinecone fall! And alot of squirrels!

SAME DAMN thing WE saw today! Only that poor tree had to see it for thousands of years! He'd tell us, 'go to the mall' or 'go out for dinner' 'Do SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIVES!' 'At least you are not a boring-stuck-in-one-spot tree like me.'

The tour operator honestly did not know what to say.

I wonder if she ruined the experience for the Saudi exchange students, lol.

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