Thursday, 9 December 2010

I was attacked by my sister-in-law: not really

SIL: "Did you sleep this afternoon?"

OPNO: "Yes [then mumbles very quickly], after I climbed the mountain there." [flicks her finger over her shoulder dismissively. It is a VERY small mountain]. [Blinks her eyelashes innocently at SIL].
SIL [eyes wide]: "You seem so young to me."

[This is because OPNO does things Omani women do as little girls, like climb trees and mountains, running around with barefeet and laughing at anything that is funny. In fact, OPNO seems much older to herself, than SIL, because she has lived on her own for many years, and she finds it in no way scary to be alone when at home, or out and about shopping].

OPNO has decided that the way to fit into her new family is to be a little girl at heart, because then her behaviour is forgiven easily. For one thing, she has NO IDEA what to do with long hair. Really, she always cut her hair short, and only grew it long because there was no hairdresser for her to cut it at back in the West where men would not see her hair.So, it had kinda grown into a mess. OPNO almost had dreadlocks. So SIL, like OPNO was her baby sis, patiently slathered it in olive oil and combed it, through which OPNO cried and bit her inner cheek, and screamed. When finished, she was lectured about how Gulf women care for their hair, and the importance of buying olive oil conditioner from Careefoure was stressed.

OPNO endorses the olive oil because it TOTALLY works.

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